What Our Clients Say About Us

27 November 2018

Hi Tafadzwa,

I hope you are well.

I would just like to compliment the absolutely amazing service I have received from Charline.

Initially I was slightly skeptical being moved to another account manager during silly season, but I could not have been placed in more capable hands. Charline has been nothing but efficient and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Amrod as a whole is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated employee ?. At the risk of sounding redundant, I would like to express my gratitude to Charline for taking me on during this silly season and dealing with all my irritating inquiries and always being willing to go the extra mile. It is a pleasure to speak with her telephonically as well as you can genuinely hear the smile through the phone.

Charls, thank you kindly for being an amazing account manager. Tafadzaw, keep her close.

If there is an online service report or something I can complete, I would be more than willing as Charline deserves to be acknowledged for her outstanding performance.

Have a lovely day further ladies.

Thank you.

21 November 2018

Hi Thembs,

Online truly has changed my life!
Its the best!

It took less time to order, pay and approved than to reply to this email.
Thanx a mil!


20 November 2018

Afternoon All

I say this with the utmost gratitude in always being there for us through the good, the bad and this time very bad times.

This is the reason our small division turned out into our sales office nationally and that too reaching the Titanium status, your dedication in helping us grow even in the times we were extremely pushy doesn’t go unnoticed.

Your Laser Supervisor is truly my Hero today , without her this would not be possible.

I appreciate your commitment and assistance given to us.

Love your team , ( Amrod you are always my number 1 , and this is a fact!)


21 November 2018

Hi Ladies

This is a bit overdue, as it was in relation to a specific order but I thought about it and it is with EVERY order I have going through Amrod.

Glo just has that YES CAN DO attitude, and NEVER just says no without going the extra mile checking with production and management.

There have been so many LAST MINUTE.COM orders of late, and especially at this time of the year, it is not the best time to try and make these orders work without a possibility of something going wrong – but yet nothing has gone wrong.

I just need to get this to you (I am sure there are many that feel the same but don’t say it out LOUD).

Talaecia has also been AMAZING and so ON IT!!!!

This sums them up entirely


20 November 2018

Hi Andiswa

I want to thank you for helping me, I do really think Amrod has good service, and client support.

From Lindiwe , Janine and you all worked together with the issue and it is nice to work with people that, wants to help me and go the extras mile for me.

I Love working with you and thanks to all 3 of you.


19 November 2018

Dear Jami,

Thank you for all your help.

I must thank you, Lucky and Lebo for the work you did in rectifying this order for me. You all went the extra mile to save this order with the client.
I have not experienced service like this before and hope that all your staff can adopt your excellent service diligence.


08 November 2018

Hi Tammy

Aaaw, you guys are my favorite suppliers!!! These big orders are difficult in the current economic climate, so I think I am even more glad than you.

I actually thought this morning that I wish I could let the Directors know that it is a pleasure to work with you guys, we do have hiccups and problems on a regular basis, but the way it is dealt with, makes it much better, so thank you.

Kind regards

29 October 2018

Hi Tish

Thank you for the AWESOME service that I got from Amrod.

I collected the order this morning and delivered to the client who was very impressed with the time it took to complete the order. Once again Amrod was top class with service and quality. For this reason and many other is why I prefer Amrod as my number ONE supplier.

Kind Regards

26 October 2018

Hi Ladies

These 2 are stars, I always trusted Lindiwe’s word and the fact that she comes through for me and never over promises.

But Janine on the other hand is a surprise package because I haven’t been dealing with her for that long.

She makes sure to call and follow up on things up even if I give her a hard time.

Lindiwe – Janine: Thank you my ladies, and keep up the good work.
You ladies have outdone yourselves especially on this order.

Kindest regards

18 October 2018

Hi Amit,

Well done in getting the courier service story sorted out, it is a great feature and I have used it already and will use over & over again .

It really helps :)

Kind Regards

2 October 2018

Just very glad I can work with Mary-Anne again as her level of customer care and service is absolutely outstanding and she knows her client’s by heart.

She is definitely a huge advantage to Amrod.

Kind regards

27 September 2018

Good day Tammy,

Thank you. We would also like to thank Amrod and your staff who assisted us with this order. We had Amrod staff go above and beyond to help us make this happen. We appreciate that they came out over their weekend as well. (Michelle).

Thank you and have a lovely day

Kind Regards,

27 September 2018

Morning Tammy,

Thank you for your mail.

It is comforting to know that we have a supplier that goes the extra mile to ensure we meet our client’s deadlines. Thank you to the Team who make this happen. Sughendree and Lerato are truly efficient and make dealing with Amrod a pleasure.

Have a beautiful day

25 September 2018

Good evening Adiswa, Lindiwe and the Amrod team

I would just like to congratulate and thank you – for the great service. My client received their key holders – and they are elated!!!!

We received GREAT complements from them – especially for not doubting the “defaults” – or making them feel “responsible”, like some of their previous suppliers have done in the past.

WE HAVE A CLIENT FOR LIFE – because of the quick and efficient service we gave them.

Thank you so so much!!!!

Kind Regards,

6 September 2016

Good morning All,

I hope this email finds you very well.

I would like to say thank you very much for Edward Makoro and Antinielle Beck in assisting me yesterday with a collection that was delayed due to an accounts error. They were very professional in their conduct and approach. I did eventually collect the order and was in time for my embroiderer.

Have a great day??

Kind Regards,

5 September 2018


I just want to thank you for the wonderful service that we are getting from you. You really helped us in getting a rush order sorted this afternoon – after placing the order at 3 for 5 different items, we had all the proofs from you by just after 16h00 – WELL DONE! You are fantastic.

Kind regards


3 September 2018

LIVE CHAT - Somaya

Hi Nukiwe

I would just like to give you a 100% thumbs up email for Somaya Adams and her service . Outstanding !!! She's efficient , fast , friendly and simply just a pleasure to deal with . Please take note of this email and pass it on to anyone else that needs to see it.

Have a good weekend

Thank you

28 August 2018

Hi Natalia.

NATALIA, YOU ARE THE BEST..... Not just now but has ALWAYS been. I am SO DELIGHTED that you are my account manager at Amrod, and I would not have wanted it ANY OTHER WAY.

Thanking you once again for the assistance and look forward to hearing from you in this regard.

Kind Regards

24 August 2018

Thanks Nats!

FYI - We pulled it off! Thanks to YOU!!! So client loved the branding!

We managed to have the folders delivered to the client by 6:20am in the morning!

Really appreciate you making a plan and sorting this out for us! Amrod is very lucky to have someone of your caliber working for them!

Hope you have relaxing weekend.


17 August 2018

Hi Natalia

I can't begin to say thank you enough, really :-)

What you do for me!

You are always SO willing to help us small little fishes in this big pond... WOW! Thank you so much!!!!! :)

Thank you again!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) (JUMPING OUT THE SCREEN & GIVING YOU A CYBER HUG!)

Kind regards,


10 August 2018

Hey Mish,

I would also like to meet Nesholan face to face because He has been an absolute Superstar. His work ethic, willingness to help and Incredible communication skills are qualities that are hard to come by these days. He is ALWAYS in a great mood, Friendly, efficient and has extensive knowledge of stock, Branding and AMROD policies, and is fantastic to work with... The value he adds to both Amrod and my Business is priceless.

Keep up the good work!!

Kind Regards


30 July 2018

Good Afternoon Catherine, Jamaine & Gary.

On behalf of our team, I’d like to express our gratitude for all that was arranged for us this morning.

It was a very informative and insightful visit, the hospitality of the Amrod team was second to none. The session was invaluable and thoroughly looking forward to our next visit.

Thanks once more.

Kind Regards,

20 July 2018


I can’t even begin to explain my thanks…………………… this was done at break neck speed!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH


19 July 2018


You are a legend! Thank you! I see our notebooks are ready.

It must be really tough just dealing with Complainants all the time so here is a BIG COMPLIMENT – YOU ROCK!

Kind Regard

17 July 2018

Dear Antinielle,

We would like to thank you for your selfless efforts in resolving our order speedily, although it was our error in mixing up the orders.

You kept us informed on the progress of the job and ensured that we received our t-shirts urgently. You are indeed an excellent customer care coordinator who is fully given herself to the interests of the clients.

Amrod should give you a promotion.
Keep up the good job!

19 June 2018

Hi Tebogo

I must be honest and tell you that AMROD are by far the leaders in the industry!!! Well done to you and your team!! Unbelievable.

Thank you so much.


28 May 2018

Goodmorning Omer!

Hope all is well?

I just want to pop a mail, compliment Rushaan about the EXTREMELY, professional, swift and very friendly service we receive from him with each and every order or query we have. Since he’s assigned to our account nothing is ever an effort to him, and will go out of his way to assist us ALWAYS.

I had so much peace at mind with our recent big order, knowing Rushaan had everything under control! From the beginning doing the quote for me , through to the branding, and delivery date…. I think he assisted me more than he’s supposed to! (Lol!). It is such a pleasure doing business with him, and are very grateful he’s our sales person!

He’s definitely a great asset to AMROD!

Thanks Rushaan! You are the best!!!

Kind Regards

22 May 2018

Hi Taliya,

I just want to compliment Thuto, it is such a pleasure to work with her! She is always replying on emails in an instant. She keeps you updated and understand what we need and require!

The past two months I have been showing the Amrod catalogue 1st to clients and then only the competitor’s catalogue. We work with many suppliers but the service is not half as good as we are receiving from Thuto! She makes everything so easy!

Thuto – Thank you for all your help and assistance! We do appreciate!

Kind regards,

21 May 2018

Good morning Tokelo,

I would like to thank you for your commitment and patience in the late collection of our orders. You really went out of your way and sacrificed your personal time to make sure it was collected. Thank you for going that extra mile. It is much appreciated and just enhances our relationship with you and with Amrod.

Best Regards,


03 May 2018

Hi Jamaine

On behalf of our group, we would like to thank you for the excellent service we received on our tour and going out of your way just to make it possible. Aside from the breathtaking beauty of your company,the tour was really nice.

You are knowledgeable and friendly . Overall it was a very pleasant experience for us.


25 April 2018

Natalia, again you have left me speechless.

You, and ONLY YOU are the reason that I will always return to Amrod with my business, as you ALWAYS go above and beyond to assist me, and my clients, as far as what you are able to.

Again, you have managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat, and ensure that my client is kept happy and satisfied at all times.


Kind Regards

11 April 2018

Dear Michelle,

This morning we had high profile clients visit the Amrod showroom with us. Admittedly Jen and I were very apprehensive. I would sincerely like to thank everyone for their help and assistance from the booking and reserving of the conference room to making coffee for our clients.

In particular, we would sincerely like to thank Anusha from the showroom for her patience, guidance and expertise on every item that our clients enquired on. Every question or request our clients had regarding corporate apparel or gifts was professionally handled and answered by Anushka. Anusha ably assisted our clients in all aspects.

Thank you Anusha for all your help, it is appreciated and valued. You are a very gracious lady and we appreciate that as well. Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,
Colleen & Jen

28 March 2018

To Our Dearest Super Supplier AMROD!

In the Rush of today’s times we would like to take the time to THANK YOU!

We think our greatest achievement is the partnership we have and are forming with you.

We are nothing without your incredible partnership. We are forever grateful & May this partnership only grow from Strength to Strength.

Please thank your Entire Team on our behalf and here’s to many more years together

20 February 2018

Hi Kay

Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance!

We are looking forward to doing more business with you!

Kind regards

28 February 2018


I would just like to thank Tebogo and Sarah-Jane for their excellent service and support.

They really helped us a lot to get our order out on time and we can't thank you enough!!!

I know there are a lot of other people involved and I would like to thank each of them as well.

It really is only a pleasure to work with you and thanks for the excellent service and going the extra mile!!!

Kind regards

28 February 2018

Hi Cherie,

I tried the online logo and job card upload feature on Monday with our new order and noticed how fast the artwork layouts came through.

We shall definitely try to use it as much as possible.


26 February 2018

Hi Mish

Thank you so much for your guidance on how to upload artwork and logo details etc.

I managed to do online order and upload/populate branding details all by myself.I must say though I initially felt it was hard and complicating things etc...I tried it by myself "outside your normal working hours" and I must say wow wow and was impressed on how automated everything was,in no time my layouts were ready,after approving my order went straight into Production.

Once again,thank you soooo Mish for your patience,help and always going an extra mile to give us excellent service.

I am so excited with this change/addition to online ordering-this means we will be exceeding our client's delivery expectations.

You guys are the best!!!!!!


23 February 2018

Hi there

I trust that you are well! ??

I just wanted to give some feedback on the tour.

It was great!

Very professional, informative and knowledgeably lead!

Sandy was a great host, super friendly and attentive to make sure that understanding from our side, was most thorough!

From Sandy, to the staff in branding – we were hosted with big smiles, enthusiasm and people willing to go out of their way to give us deeper understanding!

What an incredible place,and what an awesome tour!

Thank you so much ??

Amrod for the Win!!! ??


14 February 2018

Charline, yoy truly are sent from the havens, thank you very much for the great service. My client has been calling me non stop.

Someone is coming to collect.


09 February 2018

Good morning Anusha

Thank you very much for the great service you provide! I appreciate the time you take to understand what I am looking for and the patience while I take time looking through all the options :)


08 February 2018

Good day

I would like to complement Anusha on the showroom shes really good and hard working.

Kind regards

08 February 2018

Good day

Michelle, I just want to say a VERY BIG THANK-YOU to Anusha Govender for the EXCELLENT service! She has been extremely helpful in getting my issues sorted, excellent product knowledge & I think she is a Great asset to your Company.

Thank-you once again!

Kind Regards,

13 December 2017

Hi Jerusha,

Trust you are doing well.

Thank you very much for all Amrod’s assistance this year! We love doing business with you! I would like to also thank you guys for giving us Tammy Naidoo as our account manager! I can’t tell you how much easier she has made our lives and how great it is to work with her.

Numerous times throughout the year (I almost want to say WEEKLY) she pulls a cat out of the bag for us! She is a “ill make the impossible, possible” person EVERY SINGLE TIME and that is why we love working with her & Amrod!
Tammy is truly someone Amrod can be proud to have!

Hope you have a great festive season!

Kindest Regards

8 December 2017

Dear Lindiwe,

Thank you for the great service, assistance, advice, and guidance we get from you. In case we don’t say it enough, we are thankful and appreciate everything you do for us. We can only imagine how busy you must get at times, yet our emails, enquiries and problems ALWAYS get solved or resolved by you. You have a lovely disposition and that makes working with you even easier.

It is our pleasure to have you as our Accountant Manager.

Keep up the fantastic work you do.


6 December 2017

Hi Mikateko,

Please forward this email to your manager so they can see you’re great in your position.

THANK YOU for your assistance with this order today.
You gave us excellent client service and our client is now happy as well.

I hope you have a wonderful day further.

Thanks again ??
Kind Regards

7 December 2017

Dear Phumeza,

Thank you thank you thank!!!

I am the happiest woman alive today and thank you for taking so good care of me during my Carbon status. Amrod rocks! Amrod makes the process so effortless, from dealing with the amazing lady Somaya online to you Phumeza with online orders and a query, from the guys that is always so friendly behind the counters when collection goods too even the collection guys assisting to help taking boxes to your car. Not to forget: the ladies at the coffee bar, they make amazing cappuccino’s.

Looking so forward to the next status dealing with Rushaan. He has been in contact with me already but then I am not surprise because of the Excellent service with Amrod, and now so looking forward to the new year ahead and I so sure that it will be a very successful year.

Again, I want to thank you all, have a blessed Festive season ahead and take care on the road should you be traveling anywhere.

Kind Regards,

6 December 2017

Hello Jerusha,

Hope you are well?

On behalf of our company, I would like to commend Janine Naidoo – our super awesome account manager!

She is just amazing! Always on the ball and always friendly and helpful!

Janine is always professional, consistent in getting back to us with all our crazy requests and if anyone can pull the proverbial “rabbit out of a hat” – Janine can!

Thank you so much!

29 November 2017

Dear Omer and Nukiwe

I hope you are well

I just wanted to say thank you for the service and infinite kindness I have received from Puleng Podile.

If you have time to look though your records, you will see that my company, last ordered from Amrod in October 2016.

I did not deal with Amrod since that date, as I was afraid of dealing on the internet, and I was afraid of processing payment on the internet.

As a result, I completely stopped dealing with Amrod.

One of my clients saw two products that they wanted, and I tentatively contacted the company, and I was told to re-register and pay for registration.

Then Puleng helped and guided me through the process of going onto the internet, registering with Rush and paying my orders via the internet.

Often, I had to repeat some of the steps, due to my errors.

She very patiently held my hand, every step of the pay, as I was very nervous about doing direct payments via a website and not a normal eft.

She is very attentive to details, and does not mind explaining when I do not understand, and to make sure the information was corect, she would double check and get back to me.

She goes the extra mile in helping me and encouraging me, way beyond her duty.

Her professionalism and care are the reasons I am now dealing with Amrod after an absence of over a year , and as a result, I will definitely bring repeat business to Amrod, now that I understand the system better.

best regards

27 November 2017

Hi Amit

I must say it is an absolute pleasure to be able to take clients to your showroom. It was so well co-ordinated with all the clothing samples having been pulled. My clients were super impressed. Big order will be coming through.

Thanks to all for organizing. I will send Justin an email to thank him.

Regards Shaddy

23 November 2017

Hallo Craig and Roxane

I would just like to take a moment in this crazy time of the year to let you know how nice it is for us to work with Tishiana. She is always friendly and helpful, no matter what.

She really goes out of her way to assist us, and as wonderful as she does that, without you guys giving her the backup and the opportunity and freedom to do so, she would not have been able to assist us the way she does.

We really love working with her and appreciate all she does for us, she is making our life so much easier and is a real asset for Amrod, I hope you appreciate her as much as we do.

Kind regards